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It is not a bad idea if it is handled properly and not the end of the world. I think the future of Europe being the continent of nation states is outdated. I can very much imagine Europe of regions and city states, which was a sort of the way how Europe worked for much longer than the nation states. I know the problem with multi-ethnic empires but I think the EU would be ok as collection of different regions, or Swiss or former city states model.

I remember that I read how e.

Homage to Catalonia

And it has been already happening with the revolt of the countryside - e. But hopefully, what should come out of this - or what I hope will - in Spain is that the Catalans will get a proper referendum and the opportunity to decide. I stand corrected re the sentence where i said this was the city joining the revolt of the countryside. I stand with the Catalan people and their right to determine their own future and how to govern their affairs.

I wish them good luck -. By Pamela Coco de Mer by Pamela. That gives us a total of 25 ad-clad teams, with only five teams remaining ad-free, at least for now: the Bulls, Pacers, Rockets, Thunder and Wizards. Having 25 of the league's 30 teams going ad-clad makes the ad patch program seem like a big success -- until you remember that it was widely assumed by most observers that every NBA team would get on board with the program right from the outset.

Instead, here we are at the start of the program's second season and there are still some holdouts. Instead of being restricted to white, black or team colors, players can now wear any footwear color they choose.

A Guide To Miami's Culinary Scene

Not surprisingly, they approve. Expect to see them soon, probably in November. OK, enough preliminaries. Here's our annual team-by-team rundown of what you can expect to see on the court this season:. UniWatch Small change for Marcus Morris. He has added SR. New City Edition for the Raptors. Kawhi looks happy! Higher quality pic.

During the preseason they tinkered with wearing white at home , but a quick check of LockerVision indicates that they'll go back to wearing red for most home games when the regular season begins. The new home of your Milwaukee Bucks is Fiserv Forum!! Welcome to Fiserv Forum!! In addition, the Bucks' dancers will wear less revealing uniforms this season additional info here :.

Every color, change, schedule and more are in the Uni Watch NBA season preview

Not sure if this major earth shattering detail has been mentioned yet, but the yellow trim around the Cavs numbers is thicker this year. Looks better. PhilHecken UniWatch pic.

www.cantinesanpancrazio.it/components/pyfuwyn/179-come-mettere.php Also: Cavs guard JR Smith got a new Supreme tattoo on his right calf during the offseason, and the league is threatening to fine him if he displays it during a game. Pacers switching their uniform accessories this year.

Blue to yellow. In addition, the Pacers reportedly have a throwback in the works. Stay tuned. The AtlHawks reveal the new Hardwood Classics throwback jersey and 50th anniversary court floor for the new season. This time around they're going with the white version, along with a throwback court design additional info here and here :. Orlando Magic unveil commemorative logo and throwback Nike Classic Edition jersey as part of its 30th anniversary celebration this season.

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A look at the lapel commemoration the Magic will wear on their uniform this season to honor late team senior chairman Rich DeVos: pic. The new LakeShow lineup. Comparison of Lakers' collars and armholes: Last season left , this season center , Showtime-era right.

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  • Comparison of Lakers' uniform numbers: last season left , this season center , and Showtime-era right. Comparison of Lakers' side panels: last season left , this season center , and Showtime-era right. Lakers ditching contrasting side panels on yellow jersey but adding black side panel on purple jersey - odd. Perhaps the biggest issue, though, is the shade of gold that the team is using. Many fans felt that last season's uniforms were too light -- more of a yellow than a true Lakers gold -- and team management even acknowledged the problem at one point, but the new set appears to be the same color as last season's, which has led to more fan consternation and even inspired an online petition.

    Also: As you might recall, the Lakers used last season's City alternate uniform to introduce their own uni rubric, called the Lore Series , with a different Lakers legend being honored each season. Last season's Lore uni was for Kobe Bryant.

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    • And based on retail leaks that have been circulating, this season's will be for Magic Johnson. So far, we've gotten a peek only at the shorts, not the jersey:. Based on retail leaks, it appears that this year's Lakers City will be Magic-themed last year's was Kobe-themed , with "Showtime" spelled out in the pinstripes. No sign yet of the jersey - just the shorts.

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      Oh, by the way, in case you hadn't heard: Some guy named LeBron plays for the Lakers now. As per his long-standing habit, he's wearing No. This can be a little confusing, because forward Lance Stephenson normally wears No. I didn't know KingJames had been wearing 6 in practice for a while. Until I saw his name on the back, I thought he had been jacking StephensonLance 's gear for some reason.

      Like payback for the ear blowing thing Lakers lakers24eight LakeShow pic. Speaking of LeBron, the color scheme for the sneakers he's reportedly planning to wear for season opener against the Trail Blazers on Oct. The Suns ' jerseys in will feature a PayPal logo on the front.

      This season the patch has been streamlined to show the company's wordmark:. Warriors' ad patch has a new design this season. Old version on left, new on right.

      Share Program

      Warriors adding s throwback this season. Unfortunately, it also includes the addition of an advertising patch lots of additional photos and info are available on this excellent interactive page :. Comparison of Grizzlies' old and new white uniforms, showing new chest insignia, number treatment, waistband logo, and ad patch. Comparison of Grizzlies' old and new blue uniforms, showing new chest insignia, number treatment, waistband logo, and ad patch. Comparison of Grizzlies' old and new light-blue alternates, showing new chest insignia, number treatment, collar, and ad patch. New Grizzlies court design.