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Naruto by Adrycard. Cosplay and Fursuit favorites by AutisticOtakuGirl. Featured in groups See All. Ohhhhh well, how long did I wish to make this cosplay?

Über dieses Spiel

Quiet a time I really love design! And thanks for giving me permission to cosplay this.

But it worked out I had a tough time at deciding what kind of pictures I wanted to show you and in the end there will be 5 more pictures I want to show you Hope you can see everything, it's tough to do some photoshopping with a crappy screen, since my old one went to technology-heaven. I formed the crown and Horns with modelling clay and wires. I do look like a bishi shota-boy on some pics Image size. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In.

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GlamzGlitz General Artist. Should I be the princess or the maid??? Time-King Hobbyist General Artist. Oh my god this is perfect.

Thanks so much No problem! Oh wow, this is beautiful. Honestly, it makes me really want to try make more Rin costumes. Thank you so much for this motivating comment. QwQ All the honour for the design goes to. I loved the design the moment I saw it.

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No problem!! It's great!!

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And yes, I shall be doing more Rin haha,. KattheHatter18 Hobbyist General Artist. You look fabulous! I love the crown like piece and it looks sooo amazingly done!!! Great job!!!!!!! Publisher: Dead Inside Studio. Teilen Einbetten.

SAMAEL: The new solar era (Interview with Xy & Vorph)

Would you simply try to escape or would you attempt to unravel this mystery? This is the story of this game, inspired by the obscure creepypasta called only Samael. The main character is a young man named Jason, who, after a long day of work, came home only to find the dead body of his brother in front of his house, and a demonic figure standing beside him.

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Features - A creepypasta retold in the form of a horror game - Atmospheric ambients of a world between life and death - The feeling of helplessness of oldschool horror games - Side stories of those who were trapped into Samael's realm - A chilling main story covered in suspense - Original sprites and artwork - Multiple endings. Empfohlen: Setzt Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus. All rights reserved.

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