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Our Authoring Tool allows your creatives to author autonomous AI characters without any programming ability. Characters maintain their own knowledge model about the world and how entities within the world relate to one another -- they can use this knowledge to talk about their world.


As it is a structured database of information, the knowledge model can be updated on the fly if desired -- whether using new information that the player has provided, or from the game world, or from some other external source. This is where the 'story space' can be defined -- the character operates and improvises from this story.

This is not a linear script, but instead, the story view accounts for particular types of player input and provides variants of performances that the character may act upon, depending on context. Any non-verbal interactions from the user -- such as movement, gestures in VR or AR, or more, can be part of the NPCs social understanding.

For example, perhaps standing too close to a character may make them nervous -- or perhaps greeting them without bowing may be understood as rude. Testing tools make it easy to test individual lines, a scene or the whole story arc -- one such example is the 'regenerate' figure, which lets a writer test out their performance fragment variants. Access analytics into areas of conversation that could be improved. Export training data for machine learning, so that writers can benefit from this technology without needing to be engineers.

For writers, we also provide a Conversation Sandbox, a Unity project which can have Character Engine export files easily loaded and ready for natural language or dynamic-menu based interactions. Studies by the Spirit team have shown that immersive interfaces can lead players to think of virtual characters more like real people.

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We would love to get to know you better and see how Ally can help you. Please register your interest here so we can set up an online demo. Reason for interest. Choose product Character Engine Ally. Contact number. Company size. Tell us about the project? Marketing I might do some! Having a distribution platform like Steam available would help a lot as well. There has been speculation, fuelled by the forum on your homepage.

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MARK I would like to! The main thing stopping me is free time. MBU Have you considered porting the series to touchscreen devices such as mobiles or tablets? MBU The Spirit Engine 2 uses a clever mechanic where you can choose a party of three from a selection of 9 characters 3 per class, Knight, Marksman and Priest and alters the narrative to include the background of those characters. MARK I was inspired by Baldurs Gate 2 in particular, which let you form a party from a selection of distinct characters.

The main narrative arc there was the same each time you played, but there would be custom interactions and side plots depending on who you had in your party. I think this helped to add replayablity to the game, combined with the effects of choosing different character class combinations. There was still a lot of work required to draw the extra graphics for each character.

This is difficult for indie developers in particular to justify as they have very limited resources. MARK Sales had tapered off and the indie scene was rapidly expanding and improving in quality. A lot had changed in those 5 years of development. So it made sense to make the game free and allow more people to enjoy it. I remember seeing people come into the Klik community, announce they were going to make an enormous MMORPG and then crash, burn and disappear. We all need to strike a balance between ambition and pragmatism. The odds that you will get to do meaningful work on a good game are low, and pay, job security and work-life balance will likely be poor.

MBU Thanks again for your time today Mark. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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