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Finisterra Books presents the bicentenary edition of the classic work by the Brothers Grimm. This paperback selection presents original black-and-white illustrations by Arthur Rackham as depicted in the edition featuring his An anthology of outdoor tales, not only for those who pursue the bounties of the great outdoors, but for those who appreciate animals in the wild and the adventures offered by the unfettered natural world.

All ten stories, whether When a young man recovers from a boating accident, he has complete amnesia. He struggles to find himself and establish his identity in small town America. This book is a collection of original stories written by Danielle Swisher over the past 11 years. There is not a consistent theme however most stories can be considered historical fiction. A claustrophobic and fast-moving game of cat and mouse, as three ruthless men and one woman drive relentlessly towards their destinies. All Katie ever wanted was a baby. Reeling from her husband's cheating and desertion, Katie embarks on a one-night fling with professional golfer Dario Luna.

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Never could she have imagined that one night with Dario would give her If one eats squid one probably eats more than 1 lb and less than lb, say 10 lb per year. I'm reminded of The Far Side's assertion that it was cigarette smoking that killed off the dinosaurs. Due to "comfort factor" most keys are made of thermally insulating materials thus the heat from a single fairly quick key press hangs around visibly in thermal imaging equipment for quite a while, 45secs being given by the authors experiments. Though I would expect this to vary depending on the environmental background temprature.

There is actually nothing new in this I've mentioned the use of thermal imaging equipment to detect energy differences in the environment for years on this blog one way or another, including hand touches and even finding low power bugging equipment. I use thermal imaging equipment quite frequently for various reasons and you can now get quite moderately priced equipment like the one on my "bench" that will show temprature differences of 0.

For the link to the PDF you can thank Wesley Parish it's tucked away in one of the general articles he links to. This is aproximately the same level of thermal energy output as a one hundred watt light bulb. The heat is generated by various internal organs including the brain and is carried around the body to be disposed of in various ways by the blood stream.

So the closer to the surface of the skin and greater the blood flow the greater the thermal ouput capacity any given area of the body has.

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It just so happens that the fingers put out quite a bit of thermal energy into the environment. The scalp as well. That's it! I see it now: the lackey dude in the next cubicle, the one splayed on the desk, his face planted on the keyboard Hasn't anyone heard of SIP? Assuming endpoints and the encryption protocols aren't compromised this is more secure than Skype et al for a lot of reasons and isn't a walled garden standard. MPs are making the same mistakes a lot of other businesses and IT trainers made when they conflated a product with a function i.

Not only that but the defaulting to a product produced by "convicted monopolist" beholden to a "foreign power" with a track record of not playing wholly fair when economic interests are at stake See: Airbus and Inmos doesn't this make a mockery of ministers attending "secure cabinet meetings" and leaving their phones at the door? Last but not least for the power hungry politician a system like SIP facilitates the complete isolation of the UK internet in exceptional circumstances while maintaining services which a third party product hosted abroad cannot manage. It is also likely to be cheaper overally and also open the door to more business opportunities for UK software houses and equipment suppliers.

Ian M. Banks deliberately created a sci-fi franchise where the political narrative cut new ground rather than copying, as he observed, the current political scheme with a few gadgets and fancy set pieces bolted on. He also looked deep enough ahead to a "post scarcity" world where energy was essentially free and accumulating material things was a little passe. His books also contained layers of politics which challenged the war on drugs and sexism and the lust for power for the sake of power. Ian was a bit of a character and I have read that all the outrageous stories told about him are true.

He was quite daring and seemed to have his heart in the right place. Neither is a "fundemental unit", and food labeling is often incorrect to the point of meaningless for various reasons.

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However newer engineers have "SI'fied the MKS units, which means you get to see both K and k used depending on the age of the design docs the engineer or both. Then there are physicists that still use CGS units I find both works best ;-. I have a basic rule with teaching and it's "ten to the threes and blaim Kelvin", because it's what engineers do ;-. Thus when you see recipies saying 4 ounce or gm of flour, sugar or fat you know it realy should be the weight of two eggs, as this works with any size of egg[3]. So if your Victoria Sponge is not like grandma's weigh the eggs you are going to use and adjust the rest of the ingredient weights accordingly, it will probably come out a lot better.

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You can blaim "factory farming" and selective cross breeding which gives the smaller brown egg usually with a much thinner shell. As a rough rule the younger the hen generally the larger the egg, with "double yolkers" being from immature hens. As a further rough rule, a hen once it starts laying will give you eggs in the first year, and in the second year. After that although they will still lay the industry considers them "pot birds" or "broilers" which are the skinny emaciated birds you see hanging up in some asian shops. They are not "meat birds" so actually tend to have more flavour due to being considerably older when used to make chicken stock.

If you want to use the skin and carcus of a meat bird to make stock break up the bones and fry them with the skin untill the skin has gone a little darker than golden in the bottom of the stock pot, then chuck in the veg and herbs to fry for a little while befor adding the required amount of boiling water or previous drained stock, make sure to leave in all the cartilage as this gives gelatin into the stock which is essential for "mouthiness"[4].

To clarify the stock the old way is with with an acid vegtable such as tomatoes and whipped egg whites see consomme making for the basic idea, some old books talk of using crushed egg shells but Don't do this. As pig and cows feet are not that available these days you can use "pork rind" which also gives you a nice quantity of lard as well. Simply remove the skin and fat from a joint of pork and simmer it for an hour or so in water untill it is soft enough to put through a hand mincer.

Then chuck the minced skin and fat back into the stock pot and simmer for a few hours, you may want to mince the skin one or two more times.

When cooled sufficiently you should have clear white lard on top of a jelly stock and some jelly like protein bits at the bottom. Remove the lard for further purification and then slowley simmer the jelly stock down. To store it the old way boil glazed storage pots and whilst still boiling hot strain in the hot jelly stock and then float some of the melted lard across the top. Then when sufficiently cool, carefully add more melted lard across the top to ensure an airtight seal.

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A more modern way is with kilner jars, just prep the jars as in jam making pour in the jelly stock then simmer in a banmarie in the oven and close the lids in the correct way before it starts to cool. Or to be realy modern let it cool to hand hot pour in freezer bags and freeze it.

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The pork jelly stock actually has little flavour of it's own thus you can mix in melted drained jam pour in a jelly mold and when set eat as a desert dish. Likewise the lard has little flavour and can be used in "lardy cake" and all suite puddings and pastries. As for the bottom bits from draining the jelly stock these used to get mixed with rusk or dried bread crumbs and some of the stock to add to minced meat and belly fat for sasuage making as it makes a good binder and adds a certain "mouthiness" to the sausage.

Hence the old comment about the only part of the pig you don't use is the squeal As for pigs feet if you can get them, lightly brine and then apple wood smoke them, then cook realy slowly over night with stock sauteed onions and carrots, the resulting dish when it's had boild potatoes and cabbage added is a realy realy good winter warmer. She discusses a lot of topics many will be familiar with and makes a number of sharp observations.

More seriously the EFF like all organisations has an agenda, if for no other reason a prioritization of scarce resources to get best effect. People who claim a conspiracy may or may not be right, the real tell is both the balance and credibility of "all" the evidence. Unfortunatly as the CIA realised the problem with evidence is it can be subjective, interpreted or fabricated, thus can leave a large middle ground "Where the devil may play" both sides off against each other Once someone plays the "Conspiracy theory" card, you've moved into the "propaganda zone" where reason and logic fails to win arguments.

There is then little you can do other than ignore them or make personal attacks on them in some way that diminishes them, thus their argument in the eyes of others. Some argue that as they played the conspiracy card, they deserve all they get, so you should go directly to the personal attacks deep, mean and hard to uterly destroy them.

Whilst it might kill the conspiracy theory in the short term, people will have long memories which means future trouble is almost certain. It's why certain political types who only see dimly into the future tend to go down that distastful route. My advice to people for years has been as with most "emotion battles" is smile politely but whimsically and use gentle humour to get your points across. It takes longer but you will not be storing up trouble for yourself long term. The other thing is to realise that conspiracy theory or not, your attacker may have some valid points that do need clarification for others. Acknowledging those that are valid with good grace can go a long way in defusing a situation before it gets out of hand. However some usually for personal gain will keep up their attacks as long as others give them the oxygen to breath and a platform to stand on.

This calls for a different form of tactic which means persuading those who give the support directly or indirectly to cease their support. If you take the view as the US does of "any person legal or natural" these ad homoni attacks are crossing over from the tangible physical world to the intangibal information world. This is to be expected and is in part a sign that the information world is begining to mature, and in part it represents a "new world" or "pastures new" where the lean times of the physical world are replaced by the glut of the information world.

For some reason I can not understand most people have been repeatedly caught out by projecting ideology into the information world rather than realising that the reality of the physical world exists for a reason that is to do with basic human behaviours.

But worse perhaps was not the ideology but the assumptions that were treated as axioms.