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Alice is like a mother hen or like her mother says "an all purpose female drudge" who loves housework, cleaning and mending and is the go to girl when the squat has to made livable. The group in an amateurish attempt to bomb a prominent hotel lose a comrade. The author has beautifully described the naivety and the danger of half baked ideas in youths.

This is not a fast paced novel but very interesting. I happened upon this book while browsing in the labrary shelves, and it sounded like something I would enjoy. I read Lessing's The Golden Notebook when I was still in school, and although I fail to recall many details of the book, I do remember that I thought it was a great read.

This book was quite a bit below that level, but I still enjoyed reading it. I certainly was not the page turning thriller that the cover blurb pormised though. Most of it is rather unexciting, plodding even. I simple develops these interesting characters, who are so caught up in their politics that they seem to ignore the import of what they are really doing here.

I didn't find the book hugely engaging, but I did keep reading. My chief obstacle to enjoying the book was my immense dislike for all of the characters.

The Good Terrorist by Doris Lessing (Knopf: $16.95; 375 pp.)

I felt like they were really quite pathetic, and at first thought the author niave to this. That turned out not to be the case of course, but I didn't care much. The characters, while not particularly likeable, were supremely realistic, expertely painted, and that earns Lessing four stars. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 - Part 1

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Alice fell in love with him, only to become frustrated by his aloofness and burgeoning homosexuality. She considers herself a revolutionary, fighting against "fascist imperialism", [4] but is still dependent on her parents, whom she treats with contempt. In the early s, Alice joins a squat of like-minded "comrades" [5] in a derelict house in London.

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Other members of the squat include Bert, its ineffective leader, and a lesbian couple, the maternal Roberta and her unstable and fragile partner Faye. The abandoned house is in a state of disrepair and earmarked by the City Council for demolition. In the face of the indifference of her comrades, Alice takes it upon herself to clean up and renovate the house.

She also persuades the authorities to restore the electricity and water supplies. Alice becomes the house's "mother", cooking for everyone, and dealing with the local police, who are trying to evict them. Alice involves herself in some of these activities, but spends most of her time working on the house.

The 9/11 Commission Report

A more organised group of revolutionaries moves in next door and start using Alice's house as a conduit for arms, to which Alice objects. The comrades eventually decide to act on their own, calling themselves "Freeborn British Communists". Alice does not fully support this action, but accepts the majority decision.

They target an upmarket hotel in Knightsbridge , but their inexperience results in the premature detonation of the bomb, which kills Faye and several passers-by. The remaining comrades, shaken by what they have done, decide to leave the squat and split up. Alice, disillusioned by Jasper, chooses not to follow him and remains behind because she cannot bear to abandon the house into which she has poured so much effort. Despite her initial reservations about the bombing, Alice feels a need to justify their actions to others, but realises it would be fruitless because "[o]rdinary people simply didn't understand".

Doris Lessing 's interest in politics began in the s while she was living in Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe. She was attracted to a group of "quasi-Communist[s]" [12] and joined the chapter of the Left Book Club in Salisbury now Harare. She became a member of the British Communist Party in the early s, and was an active campaigner against the use of nuclear weapons.

By , Lessing had published six novels, but grew disillusioned with Communism following the Hungarian uprising and, after reading The Sufis by Idries Shah , turned her attention to Sufism , an Islamic belief system. The series was not well received by some of her readers, [14] who felt she had abandoned her "rational worldview". The Good Terrorist was Lessing's first book to be published after the Canopus in Argos series, which prompted several retorts from reviewers, including, "Lessing has returned to Earth", [17] and "Lessing returns to reality".

She said:. There's a great deal of playacting that I don't think you'd find in extreme left revolutionaries in societies where they have an immediate challenge. I started to think, what kind of amateurs could they be? The Good Terrorist has also been called a satire. In her book Doris Lessing: The Poetics of Change , Gayle Greene called it a "satire of a group of revolutionaries", [19] and Susan Watkins, writing in Doris Lessing: Border Crossings , described it as a "dry and satirical examination of a woman's involvement with a left-wing splinter group".

Kuehn felt that it is not satire at all and that while the book could have been a "satire of the blackest and most hilarious kind", [3] in his opinion Lessing "has no sense of humor, and instead of lashing [the characters] with the satirist's whip, she treats them with unremitting and belittling irony". Virginia Scott called the novel a fantasy. Drawing on Lewis Carroll 's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in The International Fiction Review , she wrote that "[Lessing's] Alice with her group of political revolutionaries can be seen as a serious fantasy which has striking parallels to Carroll's Alice ".

Dark times

The American novelist Judith Freeman wrote that one of the common themes in The Good Terrorist is that of keeping one's identity in a collective , of preserving "individual conscience". Freeman said that Alice is a "quintessential good woman Another theme present is the symbolic nature of the house. England is represented by a house in London". Several critics have focused on the theme of motherhood. Rogers added that motherhood is depicted here as a compulsion to protect the weak, despite their propensity to retaliate and hurt you.

Feminist themes and the subjugation of women have also been associated with The Good Terrorist. Scanlan indicated that while many of the comrades in the book are women, they find that political activity does not elevate their position, and that they are "trapped in the patriarchy they despise". Several critics have called The Good Terrorist ' s title an oxymoron. Robert Boschman suggested it is indicative of Alice's "contradictory personality" [37] — she renovates the squat's house, yet is bent on destroying society. Kuehn described Alice as "well-intentioned, canny and sometimes lovable", [3] but as someone who, at 36, never grew up, and is still dependent on her parents. She is the… More about Doris Lessing. What set of circumstances will produce a terrorist act? Lessing provides a convincing explanation. It bristles with arresting situations and observations of character. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —.

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Add to Cart. Also in Vintage International. About Doris Lessing Doris Lessing was born of British parents in Persia, in , and moved with her family to southern Rhodesia when she was five years old.